Smart Cameras

We install smart camera systems that are discreet, smart, and sleek. They can be integrated with an array of home security systems and remote alarm systems. With a live video feed you monitor your house with HD video from anywhere in the world. Let's discuss the benefits of motion sensor security camera systems.

Motion Activated Cameras

With motion sensing smart cameras you only see what matters. It would be impossible to review hours of daily security camera footage. But with Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Indoor, and other popular home camera systems you can only record with something is moving. Through advanced set up we can even have the system send you a notification when motion is detected inside and outside of your home so you can watch what's happening from your phone. 

1080P HD Smart Cameras for Clear Footage

Tired of grainy security camera footage? Our Smart Camera Installations offer crystal clear footage that you can access from anywhere. We think a smart home should be convenient and easy to use. Your security cameras and their recorded footage is no different. Our professionally designed smart camera systems give you options as to how you want your security footage to be formatted and stored. We can save it to a hard drive, cloud drive, DVR, or even your cell phone. We want you to watch live or recorded security camera footage from the smart device of your choice.

Difference Between Smart Camera Systems and Traditional Home Monitoring System

For homeowners, keeping your property safe and secure is a top priority. As Smart Home Experts we recommend people choose smart camera systems because we can integrate these cameras with locks, lutron lighting, security systems, and alarm systems. We have set up smart homes in New York and New Jersey that use the smart camera systems as a motion detection tool at night. We trigger exterior floodlights to shine in the direction of the movement.

Our systems are so advanced that we can create a protocol to trigger your alarm automatically if motion is detected at certain times at night. For instance, if someone is fiddling with your door at 4am after the house is in night mode, the alarm can be set to trigger.

The Best Smart Camera Installation Company in New York and New Jersey

Our trained smart camera installers know smart cameras inside and out. We will ask you a few questions about your requirements, provide you with options, and then help you design a system that meets your budget and specifications. We then provide a professional Smart Camera Installation.  We want your smart home monitoring system working for years to come.

Are you interested in making your home simpler and more secure? If you have any questions call for a free consultation at (845) 613 0640.

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5 Benefits for Smart Security Cameras:

  1. Motion Activated Security Cameras

  2. Monitor Your Home

  3. Talk Back Through the Camera

  4. Get Motion Notifications

  5. Security for the 21st Century

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