Media Server Software and Hardware Setup
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Our custom built Media Servers have the ability to store over 600 Blu-Ray movies, thousands of DVDs and over a million CDs.

Hudson Valley Home Media Server Installation for movies, music, and photos.
  • All your movies, videos and music are easily accessible from anywhere in your house

  • User friendly interface integrated into your home network

  • Watch multiple movies in different rooms and even access your movie collection when you’re not home

  • Watch your favorite movies on your smartphone on the train or on your laptop or tablet while in a hotel room

Quickly watch a movie with our universal remote:

You can get access to your entire collection anywhere with an internet connection - even a commercial airliner. Adding movies to your collection couldn’t be easier, just drop a movie in the optical disk drive of the server and it automatically copies. No buttons to press or complicated menus to navigate, after the movie is scanned you can watch it anywhere.